Consulting Services

Brand Central Station and its partners offer clients access to a wide variety of services at a reasonable price. But when it comes to determining which services are right, what things should cost and how fast can change occur … it all starts off with an objective view of the situation at hand and experienced opinion of what it will take to make things better.

With over thirty-five years’ experience in branding, marketing, advertising and public relations, Mike Bawden, is able to provide that objective point-of-view. He then pulls together the team you need and helps you put together a plan for continued success.

Brand Consulting

If brands are built through consistent messaging and an internal dedication to keeping the brand’s promise, how do you start?

BCS’s “brand definition” services help provide for both a historical perspective as well as a realistic vision of where the brand can be in the future. Those services include managing the graphic design process to establish consistent identity standards that can be applied internally and externally.

You can learn more about BCS’s Branding services by clicking here.

Marketing Plans and Consulting

Marketing plans are often seen as tired, cumbersome relics of days gone by. They often don’t reflect the dynamics of the online marketplace or are so overwhelming in granular analytics that they are of very little use.

Complex marketing documents have their place – usually inside well-established, internal marketing departments for large brands and companies. But for small and mid-sized, independent operators or for individuals trying to build their “personal brand”, those plans are just too much.

That’s why Brand Central Station’s approach to marketing planning is different.

It’s important is to boil down the business objectives of the brand into understandable, measurable and attainable communications objectives. The plan, then, should be a guide for achieving and monitoring progress.

It takes experience and know-how to write the right plan for your brand. That’s what BCS brings to the relationship.

More than just planning, though, BCS’s Mike Bawden can provide coaching/mentoring for in-house personnel, marketing training and periodic progress evaluations for clients once plans, goals and objectives are clearly established.

Media Plans

With over three decades of experience writing, negotiating and overseeing media plans involving all kinds of media (from out-of-home to digital and from broadcast to print), Mike is able to help clients through the process of identifying the right markets and the right amount of media “weight” needed to make impressions and build top-of-mind awareness.


In addition to straight-up media buys, Mike also has significant experience negotiating, organizing and managing promotions with both media properties and other partners (like major consumer brands and non-profit orginizations) – whether on a local, regional or national basis.

Fan Relations

For creators of all types – authors, filmmakers, illustrators, actors or public figures – understanding and managing relationships with fans is a must.

But what most brands don’t consider is that finding a way to harness the power of brand evangelists (like fans) is a secret ingredient into long-term, sustainable success. Developing and managing a “fan relationship” program can add highly profitable sales to the top line of your business that delivers an over-sized return on your bottom line.


It’s not just enough to build equity in a brand – you need to find a way to leverage that knowledge and passion and turn it into increased sales.

When it comes to monetizing your brand’s equity, nobody can do it quite like Brand Central Station.