Marketing Planning

The successes of marketing and communciations plans authored by Brand Central Station aren’t measured on a cost-per-point or inches-of-ink basis. That’s because our plans are researched and written from a point-of-view our clients can understand and manage day-to-day.

That’s where Mike Bawden’s 35+ years’ of experience comes in to play. He’s helped clients understand the connection between communications and revenues for decades.

So communications plans, when properly implemented, should change behaviors and create bottom-line results.

Involving the Client in the Planning Process

Plan development starts with developing a fullsome understanding of the market, the brand and the relationship between the two. Key to making sure that understanding is in synch with the client is involving the client in the research process from the start.

Market studies conducted on behalf of a brand typically include first-hand client input which may be gathered using the same survey tools and one-on-one interview techniques BCS employees with consumers and customers.

Once the research is done, client representatives stay involved in the planning process until the final document is drafted and presented. This allows everyone involved to get up-to-speed faster during the plan’s roll-out.

Average Costs and Delivery Timeline

Average turn-around time for the research, writing, creative concepting and final drafting of a marketing plan for a brand is 60-90 days, with a cost of around $7,500 – $10,000.  Due to the wide variations in plan scope from client to client, however, it is Brand Central Station’s practice to provide a written proposal (with delivery dates and budget) for client approval before proceeding.

Understanding the R.O.I. on a Marketing Plan is a key factor for most clients when considering whether or not to go ahead with a plan development proposal. In short, having a well-conceived plan that enjoys strong internal support can result in the following:

•  Reduced Time to Implement New Marketing Strategies
•  Better Fiscal Controls
•  More On-Time Delivery from Outside Vendors
•  Clearer Definition of Marketing Successes or Failures
•  Greater Understanding of Market Potentials
•  Better Ability to See New Revenue Opportunities

The Plan as a Management Tool

A well-written marketing plan can also serve as a management tool for in-house staff responsible for implementing various aspects of the plan.

Services offered by Brand Central Station, such as Marketing Coaching and Training (of in-house staff) as well as Agency Evaluations and Agency Search and Selection are less expensive to deliver if a plan currently exists that can provide organizational structure and objective support.