Marketing Training

A little bit of training can make a world of difference. And nowhere is that more true than in the world of marketing and brand-building. 

Why is That?

There are a number of reasons:

•  Marketing is often considered to be a luxury expense – something businesses know they should do, but can’t always afford to do it the way they think they should.

•  So, you end up with people responsible for marketing-oriented duties who have other, more pressing issues to handle on a day-to-day basis. 

• Those people are often doing work they may (or may not) understand. 

•  And, generally, those people have fewer resources than they should have (in terms of both money and time).

Sound like a recipe for failure? It does to us, too.

Training is Key

The secret to helping people accomplish more with fewer resources is to make sure they’re well-supplied in a critical area. Between the ears.

Brand Central Station offers Mike Bawden’s experience and knowledge as a resource for the development and implementation of training on a wide variety of marketing, branding, advertising, public relations and online/digital marketing subjects.

His diverse educational background, 35+ years’ experience in the industry and passion for the subject make him an interesting and engaging teacher.

Whether it’s an online training session, in-person seminar, crew ralley or one-on-one mentoring, Mike provides a well-structured, completely documented training program (complete with materials).

Training Subjects

Subjects areas Mike can cover include (but aren’t limited to):

•  Fundamentals of branding 
•  Understanding graphic design 
•  Effective use of social media 
•  Building strong teams 
•  Basic media math 
•  Print and Broadcast production essentials 
•  How to build a marketing budget 
•  Evaluating creative 
•  Understanding online PR tools 
•  Managing database marketing 
•  Taking advantage of digital marketing solutions 
•  Understanding online advertising options 
•  Managing crowdfunding 
•  Building a fan base

Cost and Timeline

Costs and training timeline have to be worked out on a project-by-project basis, but there is a one-day minimum fee ($1,500) for any subject, plus all out-of-pocket costs for creating/reproducing training materials.