Brand Monetization

As a brand’s equity grows in the eyes of consumers, so do the opportunities to leverage that equity into increased revenues.

That’s the basic concept behind brand monetization, and Brand Central Station is uniquely qualified to assist you in that area.

There’s More to Your Brand than Core Values

It’s important to establish a strong tone and voice that reflects the core values of your brand. But it’s also important to realize your brand will attract fans and enthusiasts as those core values become better understood.

The relationship your brand has with those fans and enthusiasts represent a unique market opportunity for you and – quite possibly – for other brands as well.

Finding a way to leverage those relationships (so long as you don’t damage the relationship your brand enjoys with those customers) lies at the heart of a brand’s monetization effort. At BCS, there are four essential channels we explore first:

•  Merchandise 
•  Paid Content 
•  Sponsorship 
•  Strategic Partnerships

All of these are possible “extensions” of your brand depending on how your customers, competition and management view things.

How’s it Done

A few examples of how these channels are developed include:


BCS can create merchandise (e.g. t-shirts, glassware, pins, collectibles, calendars, etc.) that can be used for promotional programs, fan events or sold through an online store (developed and managed by BCS).

In some cases, BCS has offered to co-produce online stores for clients in exchange for a share of the gross profit generated through the effort.

Paid Content

Brands with a large enough audience of fans and enthusiasts may find they have an opportunity to share that audience with other brands who may pay for the opportunity to do so.

Whether that is unique content placed on a website or material delivered directly to customers via an e-newsletter, providing limited access to your customer base is another way to generate additional revenue from your brand equity.

Commercial Sponsorship

For creator clients in particular, teaming up with other brands by allowing them to include commercial messages or product endorsements inside your works is one way to generate additional revenue that goes beyond YouTube revenues or Patreon subscriber support.

Strategic Partnerships

Building mutually-beneficial partnerships between non-competitive brands is another way to leverage audiences of each to the benefit of both.

Cost for Development

The cost for putting together a brand monetization plan runs $1,500 – $2,500 and takes about two weeks. In that plan will be a series of recommended projects for consideration – each with their own estimated cost and implementation timeline as well as a projected R.O.I. for evaluation and consideration.