Finger getting ready to push a computer key that reads enter to win
by Mike Bawden, President & CEO

It’s a Monday morning and we’ve got a full work-week ahead of us.

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, our inboxes are bound to get filled up with more and more marketing news about big-budget advertisers breaking spots in the game, breaking spots next to the game or sitting out the game altogether. I’m not going spend my time on that (for the most part), but I do find it interesting to see how the NCAA and pro leagues have all found a way to stay in their respective lanes while we’re all trapped inside, so we can watch months of post-season sports and pretend it’s something better than what you’ll see during the regular season.

And if you’re going to party in your mancave during the NFL post season and the College Football National Championship/NCAA March Madness/Final Four trifecta, what better way to spend your time than with a little EPSN Postseasoning to flavor your favorite tailgate treats? It’s a clever promotion that kicked off this weekend, and was reported on in Ad Age (tiered subscription).


Here’s what else caught my eye over the weekend.
  • I live in the upper Midwest, and we’re tired of hearing the rest of you whine about how hard your winters are. Here’s a list of every state ranked by how bad things get this time of year.
  • What do consumers want to hear from brands when they open their email? An announcement of a new product or a lower price? A service guarantee? A point of differentiation? No. How about a little kindness and a gentle laugh?By the way, in that same article, they point out that more than one in three consumers are happy to receive emails from brands one or more times a week and at least half expect to hear from marketers weekly.
Helpful Website of the Day …
  • Looking for an audio soundscape of an Irish beach to listen to in the background while you work? Check this out. You can make your own custom soundscapes here.