Marketing Facilitation

When it comes to making sure your marketing and promotional programs are running right, who do you call? Brand Central Station can help you make the right connection to the best marketing resources available.

Clients find it helpful to have Mike Bawden or another qualified outsider handle a project (and all of the potential problems that may result).

Project Management 

Sometimes assignments can be on a “per project” basis or on a “retained” basis, as an extension of the consulting services offered to clients.  The project manager will provide regular progress reports (every 2-4 weeks) and will make sure that changes in scope are properly documented and approved prior to moving ahead.

Project management services can be handled on either an hourly basis (best for managing a small number of discreet projects) or on a retained basis (best for on-going work).

Project-related time is invoiced at $150/hour (and estimated in advance). Retained time is pre-billed (usually a lump sum of $1,500 – $2,500) and then billed at a rate of $100/hour, plus out-of-pocket and pre-approved expenses.

Agency Evaluations

When a client doesn’t feel they’re getting the time, attention or quality of thinking they require from their ad agency, PR firm or digital services provider, an evaluation of the agency-client relationship may be in order.

Mike will meet with the client’s management team to clarify the issues of concern and then conduct an objective review with the agency. If needed, Brand Central Station will facilitate a search and selection process that will bring in a new, qualified and enthusiastic partner more attuned to client needs.

The cost for an evaluation usually runs $3,000 – $9,000 (depending on time requirements/deadlines and location of the client).

Agency search and selection services typically run $7,500 – $20,000 depending on the size of the account, location of services and the number of agencies participating in the review.

Vendor Selection 

Finding the best vendor for a specific job is often a headache that prevents clients from pursuing the best course of action.

Mike can work with the client team responsible for the brand to identify an appropriate scope of work and expectations and then do the legwork necessary to identify, pre-evaluate and present the “best of the best” for final selection.

Cost for this kind of service typically runs in the $3,000 – $12,000 range depending on the number of vendor candidates required for the final review, travel requirements and timing. In cases where the majority of the sourcing can be done remotely (via online and phone), the costs can even be less.