Email Marketing and Newsletters

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective channels available. But why is that?

Most marketing emails are sent to recipients who are already familar with the brand they represent or the companies who are sending them. As a result, the content is usually more relevent (sometimes even “helpful”).

Many well-managed email marketing campaigns will see engagement rates over 50%. Compare that engagement rate to traditional direct mail (through the postal service) which sees an average open rate of only 1 in 20 and an even lower engagement rate!

It’s easy to see how well-produced email campaigns can drive the top line for any sized company.

Email Options for Businesses

Businesses often don’t recognize the opportunities they have to build their business through effective email marketing campaigns. That’s where Brand Central Station can step in and make a difference.

Mike Bawden has decades of experience in both traditional and digital direct marketing – creating campaigns that have moved product and built brands around the country.

The pricing table below breaks down the essential services offered via Brand Central Station so you can start using email marketing to your business’ advantage.

Campaign Design

(Newsletter or Indv. Pieces)
  • Includes the creation of at least three optional designs for client consideration
  • Includes development of masthead and footer artwork (if required)
  • Designs typically provided within three days of project initiation¬†
  • Does not include acquisition of images (stock photos or illustrations) which will be billed at a rate of $20 per image


(Priced per Campaign)
  • Includes adding stories and images to email
  • Includes updating list database to eliminate bounces, spam complaints and undeliverable addresses
  • Includes scheduling re-sends of campaigns to recipients who did not open the first time
  • Includes an incremental and final progress report of sends, opens and click-throughs for each campaign
  • Does not include production of copy or acquisition of images
  • All articles linked to from the newsletter must exist online prior to start of project